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Spanky Payne was born John Ellis Jr. on April 17th 1981  in Rutland, VT.
There is a lot of past bands and crazy life.  TOO MUCH to post all.
I wanna keep this short and sweet.  Spanky Payne is a stage name John got when he was 17 years old.  This wasn't his first stage there was many before that.  The Stage name idea come from the likes of Marilyn Manson at the time and that Spanky's father didn't like seeing his name in the papers and the stuff Spanky was doing.  Present date Spanky's father is proud of Spanky's shows and Music.  He had seen through the years all people that have come to his shows and realized what he was doing something good. 
Spanky's first Band was Caution. Caution played at Spanky's 16th Birthday party.  They had no bass player.  Spanky made friends with the guitar player Scott Frank.  Few days after the party Scott Said we do need a bass player.  That day Scott and Spanky went to the music store to pick up a bass.  Spanky had never played a bass before. That night he learned 3 songs.  Caution was shorted lived with Spanky.  They got a bunch of new members when Spanky joined.  They all broke up fast after that.  Spanky and Scott went on trying to do music.  Started a band called Flail Chest they did one show with just then deicide that it wasn't right.  Scott had a side thing called Morpheus were he would mix AM noises and crazy shit.  That's when Scott invited Spanky into Morpheus.  Morpheus was active 1997 to 2006 then back together 2014 to 2017.  Morpheus will always be a possibility to come back. In between the first break up, Spanky was in a Few Bands, Like Twisted Chaos, Rusty Nutz, Super Kuntz, Grandma's Yeast Infection, Psychotic Assault and Much More.  Spanky also was in a band called Carrion.  That lasted longer than all the others here.  Carrion started 2010 to 2011.  Not long but there was some really good music there.  Now Spanky is in the Band called JUST THE TIP! Just the Tip started end of 2020.  Spanky had some life changes and the band saved him.
So We Have Talked Bands But Now TV Shows.
TV Shows - Spanky has been doing a lot of TV Shows some that have worked and some that have not.  Spanky wants to get back into doing more TV Shows but Life is so busy being a father.  Spanky started a show called Let's Chat with Spanky were Spanky and his Best Friend Allan Reardon would interview Bands, Promoters and Who Ever we felt would be cool (LOOKING FOR MORE PEOPLE TO INTERVIEW).  Also Spanky and Al did a show called Underground Overdrive were we would do what MTV used to do and Play Music Videos of unsigned bands. We used to record this in the Fact TV studio, until life got in the way and the guy that ran it got upset when we joined and quit JUST THE TIP!  I hope to bring it back soon using SAPA TV studio or Spanky's Dive Bar.  So on to the next show.  Spanky as some may know collects a lot of vinyl records and he wanted to show off his record collections so he started a video podcast with Guest co host every show called Black Plastic named after The Joneee Earthquake Band song with the same name and used in the intro.  This show was also created because Spanky missed doing radio. Spanky had a radio show on WOOL FM in Bellows Falls called  The Spanky Payne Radio Show until booted for going outside of there guidelines.  There has been other TV Shows that have lasted 1 or 2 Episodes not going to list all those.
SHOWS:  Spanky has been booking show since he was 16 years old.  There has been so many shows too many to list.  So not going to list them all, but going to list a few.  Punk in the Park was a annual music festival that lasted 15 years.  This show was not started by Spanky.  The first two years was ran by a local band called The Scams.  Spanky took over at PITP 3.  Punk in the Park like a lot of of things ended with Covid and lack of time being a father.  PITP may return when kids have grown up and have more time or Spanky's kids may wanna to take it over.  PITP is missed for sure.  Then Spanky also did a show at The Local in Rutland, VT called Thrashing Thursday.  This was a metal show that was once a month.  This would get a great turn out til the cops in Rutland put the bar out of service. But now on to best shows ever. 
Spanky's Dive Bar located at Spanky's house.  It's really a small garage but lots of fun.  Spanky's Dive Bar started because Spanky wanted to open a Bar. Spanky started looking into buying one.  Spanky almost bought the old Office Bar in Rutland, VT but he thought it was too small for bands.  So in his garage he made BAR/MANCAVE. BYOB BAR.  We used to do 4 to 5 shows a year but like everything else covid and kids.  So right now we still do the annual birthday party for Spanky & Al in April at Spanky's Dive Bar.  Hope to do more.  Ok Almost done here.  Now on to Payne DJ Service.  Payne DJ Service started 2009.  Spanky started being DJ at 14 Years old.  Spanky started by Playing Music a Mcdonalds on Woodstock Ave in Rutland, VT when he was in the car club RAVE with his dad playing the oldies then Spanky was asked to DJ a party for his cousin Mario in a Tree House that failed so they moved to the barn.  Spanky had so much fun doing this. Then again a cousin asked Spanky to DJ her wedding later on and that is when Spanky realized he can make a little side cash.  Spanky was asked to DJ because he always had a lot of CDs and Big Speakers.  Now Payne DJ Service is still Active not taking as many gigs because life is so busy with girlfriend, Kids and Band.
Spanky Payne aka John Ellis Jr. has two great kids, Presley John Ellis (aka Presley Payne) born Aug. 23rd 2009 & Vayda Earthquake Ellis (aka Vayda Earthquake Payne) born Oct. 29th 2014.  They are also all over the place on line.  If it wasn't for these angels Spanky may have been dead.  When Presley was born it changed everything.  Spanky was pretty bad on the drinking and drugs.  But when his ex got Pregnant with Presley changed everything.  Spanky quit all hard drugs and cut back on drinking.  Now present day Spanky lives in Springfield,VT with his Kids and his girlfriend Jess, working doing porta potty pumpings and cleanings, plus this Love for Music and Promoting.

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