Spanky Payne was born John Ellis Jr. on April 17th 1981  in Rutland, VT.
There is a lot of past bands and crazy life.  TOO MUCH to post all.
I wanna keep this short and sweat.  Spanky Payne is a stage name John got when he was 17 years old.  This wasn't his first stage there was many before that.  The Stage name idea come from the likes of Marilyn Manson at the time and that Spanky's father didn't like seeing his name in the papers and the stuff I was doing.  Present date Spanky's father is proud of Spanky's shows and Music.  He had seen through the years the people that have come to his shows and realized he was doing something good. 
Spanky's first Band was Caution. Caution played at Spanky's 16th Birthday party.  They had no bass player.  Spanky made friends with the guitar player Scott Frank.  Few days after the party Scott Said we do need a bass player.  That day Scott and Spanky when to the music store to pick up and bass.  Spanky had never played a bass before. That night he learned 3 songs.  Caution was shorted lived with Spanky.  They got a bunch of new members when Spanky joined.  They all broke up fast after that.  Spanky and Scott went on trying to do music.  Started a band called Flail Chest they did one show with just then deicide that it wasn't right.  Scott had a side thing called Morpheus where we would mix AM noises and crazy shit.  That's when Scott invited Spanky in at Morpheus.  Morpheus was active 1997 to 2006 then back together 2014 to 2017.  Morpheus will always be a possibility to come back. In between the first break up, Spanky was in a Few Bands, Like Twisted Chaos, Rusty Nutz, Super Kuntz, Grandma's Yeast Infection, Psychotic Assault and Much More.  Spanky also was in a band called Carrion.  That lasted longer than all the others here.  Carrion started 2010 to 2011.  Not long but there was some really good music there.  Now Spanky is in the Band called JUST THE TIP! Just the Tip started end of 2020.  Spanky had some life changes and the band saved him.
So We Have Talked Bands But Now TV And Shows.